This anatomy and these dance poses are freaking amazing.
I’m eternally jealous.


I feel like I just walked in on something very private

I ship it.


A watercolour painting I did a month or something ago…


A watercolour painting I did a month or something ago…


Hans and Kristoff in 4x03 “Rocky Road”.


Hans and Kristoff in 4x03 “Rocky Road”.


Tom Hiddleston prepares for Coriolanus at Donmar Warehouse. (X)



A Clintasha Movie AULadyhawke (2014) (x)

When Loki escapes his prison on Asgard, he concocts a magical prank that brings chaos onto SHIELD. Clint and Natasha, the two spies, will be unable to see each other’s face because of Loki’s curse: by day, Natasha is transformed into a wolf, while at night, Clint becomes a hawk. With the help of the Avengers, they must find a way to break Loki’s curse.”


Ladyhawke AUs should be a thing for all ships


update on last text post: 

coffee roll boy asked me to dinner. and then we got milkshakes. and coffee. and went to the horticultural garden and talked under the pavilion. and then studied a little for our calc test on wednesday.

so it was perfect. and he’s honest to god the most gorgeous boy i’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. so. there’s that.

this is too cute

ur cute

he cute

i ship it.

Android AU - In the world where technology has no limitations, Derek has one of the most boring jobs. He works in an android factory and every single day is the same. Every day he runs tens of androids through a basic check-up before sending them to be sold. If any of them show any signs of malfunction, he disassembles them and moves to the next one. Simple as that. Or is it? What if an android has a mind of his own? Is being too human a malfunction?

Believe me. I never betrayed James and Lily. I would have died before I betrayed them.

gangster AU// there’s a new generation in town and mako’s learning the ropes while her teacher stands back. the PPDC’s days of hitting the streets are over; officers on their payroll handle that and chau keeps his finger on the pulse of their smuggling operation while she and hansen’s boy cozy up to politicians.

it’s always a tedious affair, but sometimes all she can ask is that the scumbags behave while she hashes out a deal. it’s not hard, she’s told that her face is far more striking than her ass (and she strikes much harder than any ass who’d put their hand on her; stacker pentecost and company did not relinquish his little girl to the world without ninth-degree blackbelts in Fighting Dirty and Using Everyday Objects Lethally).

tendo choi is yancy’s old contact from san francisco, but he’d fallen in with the triplets and relearnt his cantonese before someone’s hitmen managed to take them down with the russians (the kaiju learned years ago that face-to-face confrontations with stacker pentecost’s best five never end happily). choi only throws himself properly into the thick of the operation when mako asks.

(‘the wei boys spoke highly of miss mori,’ he’d said, and that was the only testimony he’d needed.)

younger becket is the last poor sucker that pentecost’d pulled in and he’s too calm, too reluctant, never speaks about revenge for his brother like she’d thought he would. mako’s a big fan of delayed gratification but she never forgives and she never forgets; two things raleigh seems to do too easily.

chuck— well, chuck steps on a few too many toes and stacker pentecost sticks his neck out for his right hand’s boy. it’s herc and mako who have to pick up the pieces, but that’s the business for you.

Captain America | The Avengers & The Avengers: Age of Ultron